Get a critique of your routines by a certified USAG Judge, complete with suggestions.

We've all been there.  Your hardworking gymnast has just completed, what you think, is a nearly flawless routine. BUT, when the judges scores are announced, your immediate reaction is ......WHAT???

Certified USAG judges go through many, many hours of written, video, and practical training to accurately arrive at the correct score for the routine.  How could any parent be expected to truly know which deductions, requirements, and bonus points should be attributed to any routine?  ANSWER......they can't

Why not let our USAG Certified judges take a look at your bars, beam, floor, or vault videos, and offer you, and your coaches, invaluable feedback such as:

  • Potential deductions and how to correct them
  • omitted or reversed skills
  • "A" value, "B" value, and "C" value skills
  • Were all potential bonus points taken advantage of
  • any event specific deductions
  • the "WOW" factor