Nervous parents,  supportive friends, and relatives love watching their young gymnasts hard fought routines during the competition.  After which these same people relish being able to preserve and share them with other people, either in their living rooms, or through social media.  As recruiting season approaches, having professionally filmed routines can only aid in high school, college, and elite assessment of the gymnasts.


Coaches have very hectic hours during their athletes competitions, often bouncing from event to event, speaking with judges, other coaches, etc., sometimes missing the actual performance of their athletes.  The ability to go back and review each gymnasts routine in the comfort of their home gym can prove both satisfying, and invaluable in their development program.


Gymnasts spend hundreds of hours perfecting and tweaking their routines....all to get that next great score.  We've found that rarely are they able to actually see the beauty, power, and grace of their own routines.  Being able to watch their finished product, and share it with others can, and has, brought great joy to many an athlete.