With our vast experience in the sport of gymnastics, we are able to anticipate the next move a gymnast is going to make, which often puts us one step ahead when filming fast moving and high level gymnasts.  That new skill, amazing vault, or hug from the coach...this may mean the difference between getting the shot.....and missing it.  

Very often, it can be difficult for spectators to capture a performance from the stands, either due to lighting, movement, lack of equipment, or simply being out of position.  We take great pains to adjust our techniques, and equipment to fit the demands of each individual venue, while being sure to remain as "invisible" as possible to coaches, judges, gymnasts, and spectators alike.

Host gyms or organizations receive a percentage of the proceeds generated at the event, based on the total amount of athletes competing.   They also have the option to provide EVERY gymnast with a copy of their routines from the day, as part of their entry fee.  This rate is negotiated prior to the event with the host gym.